TV Interviews

Here are some of the TV interviews that our artistic director Sawsan Chammas Haber has done in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates those past few years…

Sabah El Their interview

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 5.25.29 PM

In June 2021, Sawsan was invited to talk about master bedroom makeover: how to make your bedroom cosy and comfortable yet stylish and elegant.

Al Hurra interview about colors in interior design

In her last interview with Al Hurra TV, Sawsan Chammas Haber shares with us the secrets of colors in interior design: influence of colors on us, on our mood lifestyle, on the interior space we live in. Is there a standard choice of colors or is it a personal choice? How to use colors in design, how to mix & match…? Watch the video to find out!

Sky News interview about coffee table styling!

In this interview, Sawsan Chammas Haber tells us everything about coffee table styling!

Sky News interview about the last trends in interior design

Sawsan Chammas Haber was interviewed by Sky News Arabia to talk about the last trends in interior design, but also about her career, her love, and passion for interior design, how she started, the design evolution in the last 20 years, her inspirations… All while showing some of her projects…

Al Hurra interview: All you need to know about the vintage style!

In this interview with Al Hurra TV, Sawsan Haber tells us everything about the vintage style! Its characteristics, beginnings, colors… But also how to style it!

 Sawsan Haber’s interview about make-overs for specific rooms

All about makeovers, how it is done, changing not only furniture, fabric style or fit-out but a major change of the space, as in these bedrooms and bathrooms…

Sawsan Haber’s interview about her career

In this interview, Sawsan Chammas Haber tells us all about her trademark, her favorite colors, she shares some tips and shows us some before &after!

MBC morning show : lighting 

All about lighting : different types, when it should be used and the additional value that each type can give to any interior and much more…

MBC morning show :  contemporary-romantic style

Al Hurra interview about minimalism movement in Interior Design

MBC morning show : home make-over

MBC morning show : neo-baroque style 

As a regular guest in the MBC Morning Show, Sawsan Chammas Haber talks about neo-baroque style in interior design, its characteristics, where to use it and how to make the best of it.

MBC morning show : kitchens and bathrooms

MBC Morning show : paint and its different kinds, procedures… 

MBC Morning Show : colors in interior design

Talking about colors in general, where each should be used, in which area of the house, and how it can affect our mood and psychological well being.

Sawsan Haber’s interview about K-Kids

“At a time where kids bedrooms in Dubai were so boring, I came up with this colorful concept specialized in kids furniture and turnkey kids bedrooms. Between 2004 and 2011, we have furnished more than 300 bedrooms.”
In this video, Sawsan Chammas Haber talk about her experience with her own furniture brand for kids : K-Kids.

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